50 State Quarters

The 50 State Quarters Program was a breath of fresh air for the hobby of coin collecting. After decades of static designs for circulating coinage, it brought five newly created designs each year highlighting the diversity of the states. It also introduced millions of Americans to the practice of assembling a collection of coins from circulation. The United States Mint estimated that as many as 147 million Americans collected the series.

Delaware Quarter

The program was authorized under the 50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act, which provided for the redesign and issuance of a quarter dollar commemorative coin for each of the 50 States beginning in 1999. The states would be honored in the order they joined the union. The obverse of each coin would bear a redesigned portrait of George Washington. The reverse would feature a design highlighting the diversity and unique characteristics of each state.

From 1999 to 2008, there were more than 34 billion state quarters produced across the fifty different designs. Besides assembling a collection from circulation, some chose to purchase high grade PCGS or NGC certified examples of each coin. These high grade or Registry Set collections can be worth considerably more than raw or uncertified coins.

States Quarters were produced several different formats during the course of the series. For all years, the coins were produced in circulation strikes at the Philadelphia or Denver Mints. Also, for all years, the coins were struck in proof format at the San Francisco Mint in either regular copper-nickel clad composition of 90% silver. Finally, from 2005 to 2008, satin finish versions were struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, and distributed within the annual Mint Sets.

State Quarters Legacy

The success of the State Quarters Program paved the way for other the redesign of other denominations, with a rotating design concept. This included the Westward Journey Jefferson Nickels, Presidential Dollars, and the 2009 Lincoln Cents.

For the twenty five cent denomination, the concept was also continued. This started with a one year series in 2009 to honor the United States Territories and the District of Columbia. Starting in 2010, the America the Beautiful Quarters program began featuring a National Park or other national site from each of the states and territories. This latest series is scheduled to continue until 2021.

Certified State Quarters

This site provides a full selection of certified State Quarters from all 50 States. This includes uncirculated, satin finish, proof, and silver proof coins graded by PCGS and NGC.

The top graded proof coins are graded PCGS PR70DCAM or NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo. Circulation strike coins typically start to become scarce in grades PCGS or NGC MS 67 and higher. Some exceptionally nice pieces may be found graded MS68 or MS 69. Satin finish coins typically are found in top grades of MS69 and are designated as "SMS", "SP", of "Satin Finish".

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